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My little red dress

October 18, 2010

I was away in Whitstable for the weekend from Friday to Sunday.  It’s a weekend trip that I’ve done a couple of times before with some knitting friends.  We hire a gorgeous cottage overlooking the sea and spend our time eating, drinking and knitting.

This time, however, there was a difference.  Over drinks a couple of months back, we decided that it would be a laugh to have a colour coded night where we went out to dinner each dressed from head to toe in a theme colour.  I got red.  Now, this was a stroke of luck as I could identify that I had a red coat, 3 pairs of red shoes, red hair and (I thought) a red dress.  But it turned out that, when I tried on the dress on Wednesday evening, it was a) a little bit too cheap burlesque looking and b) didn’t go with the style of my coat and hair. So, Thursday required emergency action.

Help came in the form of a tunic dress from Primark and some trimming from McCulloch and Wallis.  Here’s the dress before

Now, the first thing that springs to mind when looking at the dress is OMG! Bling! Horror! But, I spotted that underneath the bling was a nice simple 1960s style tunic dress.  So, I had a little look at the finishing of the dress in the shop and, sure enough, cheap finishing meant all those studs were quite loosely sewn on so could be easily removed.

The next step was a little trip to McCulloch and Wallis, as it was handily close by.  I got myself some charcoal grey crocheted wool ribbon. It had handy little rounded flowers in the lace pattern. I though this would make an excellent basis for a peter pan collar. I do like a little peter pan collar. So, I bought some. I made the collar.  It was easy.  Here’s the end result.


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