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Pattern procrastination

September 23, 2010

Many knitters have a tendency towards startitis. For me, it seems ingrained.  I have an entire canvas shelf unit full of WIPs.  And it has now extended towards the patterns I’ve been writing.  So, here and now, I am outlining the patterns that I have half written up, or which need extra sizes making, or which need more test knitting to improve them to shame myself into finishing them.  If I look like I’m experimenting with anything else new and shiny before I write up at least one of these, I will need shouting at.

The patterns are –

DM Bootees – these were waiting around until I could find some resource to make different sizes. I don’t have access to any baby feet to measure on a day to day basis.  I have since found this and this so I have to get going on them again to make the different sizes.  I also want to do something different with the back since I’ve seen the original pair  modelled.

Convertible mittens – these are the mittens with the flip-top hands and thumbs. I made elbow length ones as part of the Ravelympics, but now I want to make a shorter, simpler version in a heavier weight wool. I have bought some lovely Malabrigo worsted for this very purpose this evening.

Hourglass cable hat – the cable motif is the same as on the original convertible mittens, but at a much larger scale, due to the thickness of the yarn.  I’ve made one. I need to finish off the refined version and hand the pattern over to the test knitter.

Simple cable rib hat – see this swatch?

It did actually turn into a complete hat shortly after I made it.  Not entirely happy with the working of the crown, so it needs some refinements. But it’s very nearly there.

Pleated wrap top – this is my current project.  And it’s going quite well.  All the notes are in the notebook.  I must make the commitment to write it up properly this time.


In which I go to Loop and fall for some absurdly thick yarn.

June 23, 2010

I went to the opening day of the new Loop store at the Angel.  It has been marvellously documented by others already – for some excellent coverage see here (the crowds, the madness!) and also here (evidence that even being a late arrival did not mean I escaped photos). No photos here – I was in yarn seeking missile mode.  It took two attempts to buy anything – I’m not a great queuer so the first visit (at lunchtime) just involved the free Pimms and looking longingly at the shelves of yarn from behind taller people. On my second visit of the day, it was quieter, I bumped into Louise and I got sneakily photographed.

What I was after was something slightly chunky (for me). Those who know me well are aware that I mostly seek out very fine yarns and look nervous when confronted with anything bigger than a 4mm needle.  Now, my exception is hats. I like a bit of a slouchy hat.  And I like a little more heft to my slouchy hats.

So, the choice of worstedy/aranny weights in Loop is pretty damn impressive.  I came away with some Malabrigo Worsted in Bobby Blue (turquoise to those more prosaically inclined – I’m having a bit of a turquoise fixation right now).  And as displacement activity to distract me from stuff going on at the moment, I’m working up some hat ideas which have been floating around lately.

So, initial sample swatch done, gauge measured, pattern coming up on hat number one.

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