So, I’ve joined a Movember team as a (grits teeth) mo-sista. It’s not a work team, but does involve some people I work with.  I’m on board to offer support to the others’ fundraising by the selling of handcrafted moustaches and being sponsored for wearing said moustaches in the workplace.  You can find us here

I posted about the crocheted moustaches before – mods to the pattern to follow – but this evening I did a special commission for someone – a moustache brooch, in grey felt with a simple red stitched trim.


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2 Responses to “Movember”

  1. Crafting Health Sue Says:

    I co-ordinate a craft group in Melbourne – the Melbourne 3000 Brown Owls group. I’d very much like to make your handle bar moustache for our Christmas gathering – Movember in December: Festivi-mo. I just wanted to let you know, as per your comment on Ravelry. Thanks michly for the pattern! Sue

  2. Polka Dot Robot Says:


    I love the handlebar mustache pattern and I’m wondering if you are permitting people to use it to sell? Not on its own, but it would be great on a bearded hat I’m making. Thanks for taking the time. 🙂

    Thank you!

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