Bastard moths: part 2

I recently found that the lightweight cardigan I had been knitting had a couple of moth holes in it.  Well, I found out where the little buggers had been living.

This coat, I should explain, is an old favourite. I have owned it for over 10 years, having rescued it from a bag of old clothes that my mum and dad’s neighbour wanted to get rid of.  When the original buttons came off, I replaced them. When the lining shredded, I carefully removed it – discovering in the process that the coat was from the Canda Couture label* – and replaced it with a hot pink heavy satin lining.

I love this coat.

And the bastard moths decided to eat  it.  In a really visible place.

I was getting myself ready to part with it, but this afternoon someone suggested that I could possibly do something to repair it.  And I got thinking. The coat does have a separate bodice and skirt. And the damage is entirely on the bodice – everything else has been left untouched.  Could I do something with the bodice to disguise the damage, without it looking a bit poundshop Desigual or (worst fate of all) a bit Per Una? I think it’s time for it to go off to the dry cleaners to kill off any remnants of the little flying bastards while I ponder the repair job.

*that would be C&A’s classy label in the 60s


2 Responses to “Bastard moths: part 2”

  1. Giselle Says:

    What a horrid thing to happen! A crying shame.
    I was wondering about repair as well as I read your post. I don’t suppose just a panel down the centre front would be enough?
    It might need the whole bodice taking out and re-cut in a similar weight fabric (brown, grey or black?), maybe just the front of the bodice would do.
    You could maybe add another couple of touches like fabric covered buttons to pull it together? The original green fabric on those four buttons, and the new fabric on smaller buttons to attach to a suitable area on the cuffs?
    Or otherwise some piping in the new fabric somewhere?
    Definitely worth a shot. Good luck!

  2. aimless33 Says:

    I had a similar issue when my dog (who loved wool) got a hold of one of my coats. I’d only owned it for 2 weeks and couldn’t take it back to the store saying I didn’t see the holes … So I embroidered flowers over them. The holes were on the back up by my shoulder. Perhaps a fix for your well-loved coat?

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