Rainy afternoon quickie

A few weeks ago, as I looked out of the 341 bus window on the way to work, I saw something interesting – a new haberdashery? opening soon? So, I took a trip down to Ray-Stitch this morning (it’s now possible to do a little crafty magpie crawl along from there to Loop, taking in Cass Art along the way) and came away with the intended indigo thread purchase, but also with a nice little fat quarter of a Japanese camera print fabric.

This weekend being one of those rare ones which is completely free of any commitments to anyone else, and the lovely rain this afternoon making me feel less inclined to head out and do stuff, I’ve stayed in and done stuff instead.  I made this cover for my Kindle.

From drawing out the pattern to finishing it was less than a couple of hours work, done to a soundtrack of Belle and Sebastian Write About Love (minus that bloody Norah Jones collaboration), Pet Sounds, and Village Green Preservation Society. And a very bad singalong.

Now, I may actually get around to sewing what I intended to start this morning, which is that sixties dress pattern I’ve had knocking about for around two years in the Japanese Indigo owl print fabric that I’ve had almost as long.

Or if I find any fabric with a picture of, maybe, a phone on it, I may make a cover for my camera, to carry on the theme.


3 Responses to “Rainy afternoon quickie”

  1. Giselle Says:

    Great cover, really like the fabric. Very best of luck with the dress sewing, it’s odd how difficult it can be to get started on something. I’m looking forward to seeing the result!

  2. Rekindling my Echino fabric love and another sewing pattern « bluestocking stitcher's crafty stuff Says:

    […] beloved Kokka fabric kindle cover went missing somewhere before I got to the hotel on the first night. I think it may well have been […]

  3. grimdreamer Says:

    I like your Kindle case! Is it difficult to put together?

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