Perry Girl

As the sun has finally come out, my thoughts have turned to summery knitting.  My thoughts were lightweight, cool fabrics, something very simply shaped but with small interesting details (I realised a while ago that the vintage patterns I love knitting are just too damn fussy for me to actually wear).

I can’t pretend that classic mod/scooter wear has not had a bit of an influence on what I want (so far my summer wardrobe purchases have been some red capri pants, a black cotton pencil skirt and a op-art-ish striped blazer). And Fred Perry has been playing on my mind. Not the Winehouse stuff. Winehouse can bugger off. But the classic shirts – this summer with contrast trims

Mostly, though, the Richard Nicoll Laurel Wreath collection. I love the palettes of turquoisey blues, coral and tan. Love it. It’s softer than the pure bright blue and red I would normally wear, a summer version I guess.

I have been to visit the range in the shop a couple of times.   I still covet that skirt and a couple of the tops.

So, the summer sales have provided me with some Rowan fine milk cotton in a deep turquoise and deep coral.  I have a mental image of short sleeves, and contrast trim with welt, cuffs and collar in linen stitch and a contrasting colour. I have started the obsessive knitting which only comes with a brand new project.  Here’s what we have so far.


One Response to “Perry Girl”

  1. laurapurlprincess Says:

    Love the colours! Very on trend and will definitely suit you.

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