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Multiple Sclerosis: The Big Knit

April 21, 2011

Last year, I designed a pattern for a knitted version of human chromosome number one.  The two chromosomes made from that pattern are now sitting in the Who Am I gallery in the Science Museum, demonstrating the degradation of the telomeres which protect the end of the chromosome.  Here they are  on the opening night of the gallery.

Then I released the pattern on Ravelry and didn’t think much more about it for a while.

I was recently asked by Hannah from the British Society for Immunology whether they could use the pattern for their Big Knit project, which was very exciting, so of course I said yes.  The chromosome is one of the patterns used for the MS and DNA tableau which will be on display throughout the Cheltenham Science Festival and it’s been reproduced on the BSI website, alongside other contributed patterns and quite a few created by Hannah herself (including some knitted sunshine, in case the weather doesn’t hold up).

Read more about the Big Knit and see all of the different patterns (listed under tableaux) here.  The BSI are accepting contributions made from the patterns for the tableaux – all details are on their website.

If you want a picture of how the chromosome goes together, there’s one in the pattern PDF, available here.  Or you can go to the pattern loaded onto Ravelry.


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