More pleats (with added maths joy)

So, I thought I wanted to make the Geodesic cardigan.  After a couple of false starts, it turns out I didn’t want to make it at all.  I wanted to make something similar – I love those slightly sheer laceweight cardigans.  Lots and lots of sheer stocking stitch.  And I like structural details with plain knitted fabrics.  Especially pleats.  So, I had this mental image of a fanned pleated yoke on a v-neckline for my cardigan.  And it worked.  The maths worked out perfectly.  I have gently sweeping pleats fanning out from the point of the v-neck up to the collar.

Consider me well chuffed.


4 Responses to “More pleats (with added maths joy)”

  1. travelknitter Says:

    Having made the Geodesic Cardigan myself, I can assure you that you made the right decision! Your pleats look gorgeous – can’t wait to see how the project turns out.

  2. Claire Says:

    Looks great! Love the green too

  3. Giselle Says:

    Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous! Utterly, completely and way more sumptious than just gorgeous, but you get my drift.
    I am so jealous!
    Are you going to write it up and put it up on Ravelry? I would be absolutely delighted!

  4. Hello sailor « bluestocking stitcher's crafty stuff Says:

    […] a while ago I blogged this about my experiments with pleating.  Here’s the end […]

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