Doing a bit of good

Back in November, I posted my pattern for toy soldier Christmas decorations.  Very shortly afterward, I was contacted by Lilibet on Ravelry, who had made some soldiers from the pattern. These are hers.

She was even inspired to make some fairies using the same principles, and writes about it here.

She’d contacted me because she wanted to make more of the soldiers to raise money for a Crohns and Colitis charity and for her local hospital as the daughter of her LYS has suffered very badly (far worse than my own case of the disease).  Crohns disease and Ulcerative Colitis aren’t glamour diseases that attract attention from the media.  They don’t often kill, but they do sometimes knock you sideways and feel like they are taking a bit of your life away from you, and it upset me quite a lot to hear about such a young girl going through such a severe attack. So, bloody well done to Lilibet for her fundraising work.  She managed to raise over £250 for the charity and a raffle raised another £150 for the hospital. Excellent effort all round, I think.



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