Knitting the Necessities

Back a couple of months ago, I had a couple of large projects on the go.  One was  the pleated wrap top which I have blogged about before, the other a dress length variation of the Folded pullover, by Veera.  They both went into hibernation (in truth I frogged all the body work I’d done on the dress so went back a step).  There were a couple of reasons – the first that they both got a bit too big to carry around, the second that my Dad died on the 14th of November, just after I’d written my toy soldiers pattern but before I’d posted it.  Here he is with me when I was a toddler.

I still have the same hair and dress sense

I spent a lot of the knitting time for those projects sat next to his bed in hospital or at his nursing home.  So, they both have associations with that. So, they were put aside for a while.

Then the cold started to hit and I came to something I haven’t done for a while – knitting through the need for an item rather that through just wanting to make it.  And it was good, the knitting gave me a goal.

The first of my knitted necessities was mittens.  I have a few pairs of flip top mittens now, but none of them seemed to keep the cold out enough. What I needed was double layer mittens and what I found was Anna Fisk’s paperback mittens pattern.  I trotted off to my newest LYS, Nest in  Crouch End with Em, and got some of their marvellous Rennie 4-ply Shetland wool off the cone to make the mittens in the classic orange fiction colourway.

The yarn for the mittens came to a ridiculously cheap £3.75 as you buy by weight – I used less than 25g of each colour – so the Rennie yarn is fantastic value.  The lining was made from some Artesano 4 ply alpaca I had in my stash.  In truth, they’ve turned out a little bit too big, despite mods to make them smaller, but they are incredibly warm.

The next necessity knit was not for me.  Daz has two hats – one a flat cap and the other a Wolves football supporters hat. Neither of them keep his ears warm.  So, I stash dived again and got my pen and paper out for a bit of maths.  The plan was to make a double layered hat from 4 ply merino, so that it would look good with his fine knit Smedley jumpers, but still keep him toasty warm.  And the plan was to make a beanie as he does not approve of the whole slouchy hat thing.

The first side was knitted plain in grey after a provisional cast on.  Then the Wolves logo was put on in duplicate stitch.

Then the second side was picked up from the provisional cast on and knit in black with a few grey stripes near the brim (both decorative and practical as I was not sure I had enough of the black yarn in the ball)

It worked beautifully and I am in the process of writing up the pattern.

I have picked up the Folded dress again (after a little break in which I made a hooded version of the Burberrish Cowl – but more of that to follow) for a fresh start on it.


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