Pleats please me

I’ve been a bit fixated of late with sheer knits. You know the sort – they take the lace principle of a skinny yarn knit on slightly too fat needles but are done in a plain stocking stitch to just produce a fine lightweight fabric.  Hannah Fettig is one designer who springs to mind for this (I’ve just completed her Featherweight Cardigan pattern), but Connie Chang Chinchio’s Geodesic Cardigan from last Winter’s Knitscene is another favourite.

I’m not entirely happy with what I did with my Featherweight Cardi – I think I could have improved the mods that I made to it. I think the moss stitch borders I added to make it all match up may have made the welt a bit boxy so that it doesn’t come in at the waist at all, due to the lack of help from ribbing.  But it got me thinking about making something  of my own, something light and fluid and drapey.  It’s a wrap cardigan. I’ve managed to knit across half the back and one front (these sheer knits are so quick!) and am constructing a pleated waistline to echo the pleats that give the front its drape. Here’s a little sneak preview of the pleats.

But this has led me to a new fixation. I’m now contemplating what I can do with the structure of pleats in the sheer knitted fabric.  What will different increases do? What could I do with short rows on horizontal pleats? I can picture it all in my head, but I need to write the ideas down and then get playing once I’ve finished this cardigan.


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One Response to “Pleats please me”

  1. travelknitter Says:

    I know I said it several times on Sunday, but I seriously love those pleats! Can’t wait to see how the cardi progresses.

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