Free Pattern: Crocheted handlebar moustache

This is a little number I designed for the Stitch and Bitch London Knit Crawl in 2009.  The size of moustache produced will be dictated by your yarn and hook choice. My DK and 4mm needle produced a moustache that would not be out of place on an Edwardian wrestler. A smaller hook and finer yarn would produce a more refined Hercule Poirot style number.

Written instructions are here, but it’s all available in neatly packaged-up PDF glory on Ravelry.

You will need

• small amount of yarn in moustache colour of choice (DK used here)
• crochet hook to match yarn gauge (4mm used here)
• darning needle for weaving in ends.
• flesh coloured yarn or fine ribbon for attaching your moustache.
• thin wire (optional)

Terminology: NB – I am using American style notation in this pattern. For those who need a translation –

sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
tc = treble crochet
ss = slip stitch.


Base chain: Chain 28 – the last of these will act as a turning stitch.
Row 1: This is worked into the back loops of the base chain and forms the
upperside of the moustache. Skipping 1 stitch, ss into the first five stitches, then
working one stitch into each stitch in the chain sc, hdc, dc, tc, tc, dc, hdc, sc, ss
(this is the middle of the moustache), sc, hdc, dc, tc, tc, dc, hdc, sc, ss last five
stitches. Chain 2 in order to turn.
Row 2: This is worked into the top of the original base chain and forms the
underside of the moustache. Make 2 sc into each of the first 4 stitches of the base
chain (8 stitches in total), sc into next 9 stitches, slip stitch, sc into next 9 stitches,
make 2 sc into each of the last 4 stitches. ss into the turning chain between the
base chain and row 1, break yarn and weave in ends.


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6 Responses to “Free Pattern: Crocheted handlebar moustache”

  1. Phill Lane Says:

    OK, may need one of those next month.

    After more than a year not touching a hair on my head, I’ve invited everyone I know and everyone they know to submit ideas for how to shape/shave my beard and hair – anything goes.

    More than 80 ideas from nearly 1,000 people have been shortlisted to five and these are now online for people to vote and donate.

    Whatever they vote for, I have to go through with…

    So have a look:

    Voting starts today, stays open for two weeks and the final cut will be on October 1st.

    It’s for a homeless charity in London, Centerpoint.

  2. Melissa Sue Says:

    YES – I really did just search for that. Seriously.

    STORY – for the past 7 months, I’ve known a mustache named Luigi. His mustache was epic. EPIC.

    Saturday, strong alcohol was had, and rash decisions were made.

    Today, I googled for this.


    So, my dear, Thank You So Much.


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    […] than felt. (Plus I didn’t have any felt, haha!) For the mustache I used just the first row of this pattern. Then it was just a matter of sewing them onto two […]

  4. 7 Free MUSTACHE Crochet Patterns Says:

    […] 6.  Free Pattern: Crocheted handlebar moustache by Bluestocking Stitcher’s Crafty Stuff […]

  5. holly Says:

    Great pattern. My daughter LOVED it.

  6. Tanjalin Says:

    I am currently crocheting 20 of these to send off to my sister and her shipmates so they can have a posh holiday party – even when they’re deployed and floating in the middle of the ocean. Thank you!

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