Bone Eating Snotflower Worms

It’s a great name, isn’t it? The bone eating snotflower worm. Makes the Latin name Osedax seem almost prosaic.  As part of the Stitched Sealife series for Stitch London, I made some of these little beauties.

The first pictures I saw were of the free floating worm.  But, then I was inspired by the pictures of the tiny creatures steadily eating their way through whale bones.

So, I though an action shot would be just the thing.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to play with some techniques and materials I have been wanting to use for a while.

Firstly, I made a piece of bone.  This was an opportunity to try needle felting.  For those who have never needle felted, it’s really much easier than you’d think and lots of fun.  You take some wool roving, mould it roughly to shape and stab into it until it sticks to itself in a solid mass.  You stab it quite a lot.  Possibly while swearing.  As I said, fun, and quite therapeutic.  I cut a curve in a bathroom sponge to create a curved shape for my piece of bone, and also to give myself something to stab into rather than my own leg.

I made the worms themselves from some mercerised cotton and wool coated stainless steel that I’d bought on a reel from the Handweavers Studio a while ago on tiny needles (1.25mm, if you really want to know).  I’d been curious about the wool steel and it’s ability to hold its shape.  It seemed the perfect material for making the long curly tendrils of the worms.  It did the job perfectly.


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