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Refining the flip-top mitten

May 10, 2010

I’ve been playing about with variations on the flip-top mitten.

It all started out when I decided to make the long woollen gloves from Veronik Avery’s Knitting Classic Style. I decided to make them a bit longer so they were opera glove length and would keep my arms warm in my fake leopard coat which has arms not much past elbow length.

And I decided to make them over a Christmas trip to visit my sister in Coventry.  I’d managed to memorise the lace pattern on the arms and had knitted up to the thumb split on the first glove by the time I left.  And forgot to take the pattern with me.  Now, my fabulous and precocious 7 year old niece saw this as no reason to stop knitting them. Ever one to rise to a challenge, I decided to adapt them to flip-top mittens with flip-top thumbs.  Here they are –

I wore them for a bit, the colour is fantastic, but they weren’t perfect. The pattern seemed designed for fat thumbs, so that needed sorting out. The flip top of the thumb wasn’t really long enough so kept flipping back. The hand was too wide. The lace on the arms wasn’t too warm.

So, when Ravelympics came around, I decided to do a design project and perfect the flip-top thumb gloves.  These were knitted on 3mm needles using some very lovely Artesano Alpaca 4 ply. And here’s the end result

The gloves have an enclosed cable design up the arm, they make me think of caged hourglasses. The hand and thumb are much narrower than the previous pair

The flip-top on the thumb is much longer so more successful than the previous pair. The ribbing for the cuff of the hand is longer than previously, making the hand fit more tightly.

I inserted a ribbed panel on the inner wrist so that the wrist would fit more closely, and not stretch out when putting the hand through it.

All in all, these ones were a huge success. I don’t know why more flip-top mittens don’t have flip-top thumbs. They make you so much more dextrous.

Pattern is mostly written up – just need to take some better pictures for it.


I’d been wondering about that headache

May 10, 2010

I made myself a little felt mini-me for the Stitch Yourself project which Stitch London are running for the Science Museum and drew up the sewing pattern for the doll’s body and a dress-up set of clothes for the doll (anyone remember Bunty?).

Here she is

Three things concern me right now.

1. For some reason I feel the need to stick a pin in my own head.

2. My doll is more recognisable as me than I am.

3. Everybody who has seen the doll in the flesh has lifted the skirt up to see if she’s wearing knickers.

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