Doc Marten bootees

When Lisa told me she was expecting a baby, I knew that this was not a time for standard baby knits.

Introducing the Doc Marten bootees.

These are a pattern I have created myself, with a few hints taken from the various converse bootee patterns on the internet.  None of the converse patterns had quite enough heft in them, or the right sort of sole, so it was time to make my own.  Special features include an imitation of the welted sole, yellow stitching and a re-inforced strip at the back of the foot.

I need to make a few modifications to the pattern, not least to write a size that is more suitable for a newborn, as these are a little larger than planned.


5 Responses to “Doc Marten bootees”

  1. Deadly Knitshade Says:

    Ooooo baby bovver boots!

    *is not worthy*

  2. rhonda Says:

    amazing! I love them!

  3. Mrs Redboots Says:

    Will you publish the pattern when you are happy with it, and if so, may I buy a copy, please – perfect for a coming grandchild!

  4. Barbara Says:

    Surfing the net looking for Doc Marten booties and there they are! Do please share the pattern with us other grannies.

  5. lisa170 Says:

    Is there a pattern somewhere for these?

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