Steampunk Socks

I’ve been making slow progress with my Pomatomus Socks.  Very, very slow progress.  The pattern itself is achingly beautiful

The knitting of the pattern, however, is unbearably boring.  So very, very boring.  K1 P1 rib is my second least favourite thing to knit (only moss stitch beats it) and the pattern is essentially a twisted K1 P1 rib with yarnovers and k2togs inserted at set points along the way (which means it’s not even really possible to go onto auto-pilot).

So, I’m pretending they’re not there waiting for me.  They don’t really exist – honest.  And, I’ve started on some other socks that I’ve had my eye on for a while.  I saw Ysolda’s Rapunzel stockings a while ago and fell in love with the mix of cables and laddery rows of eyelets in the knee high socks.  They had to be mine.  Knit in a deep steely grey, they are so steampunk.  So, having bought the deep grey yarn a little while ago, I cast on for them.  And they’re so easy.  They’re so quick.  The cable pattern is easy to memorise and knits so, so quickly.  I’ve done a foot already and am onto the leg.

I might even manage the second sock straight away.


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