D has recently been getting into aquariums and has bought some marimo to add to the decor. As he bought them, he’s been looking at some of their historical and cultural associations. He told me about the Marimo festival in Hokkaido, but what really grabbed us both was the character of Marimokkori. This is the anthropomorphic form of the marimo. He gets the rest of his name from his impressive trouser bulge (mokkori) and has a cheeky little face.

In the tradition of handmade birthday presents, I have designed a marimokkori doll and made it for his birthday present.


One Response to “Marimokkori”

  1. Valerie Says:

    I think this doll could make a great gift for a small child. Just so you could see the look on the parents face when the kid says ‘What’s that round bumpy bit for???!’ Cue : blushes, confusion, hasty talk on birds and bees.

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