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Tarot bags: Part 1

February 16, 2009

My friend Lisa has asked me to make her a tarot bag. It’s one for her Halloween deck – one which doesn’t have the traditional sets of cups, coins, wands and swords, but Halloween themed suits. One thing I noticed was that each card featured a slim, slightly spiky black cat. The other thing I noticed was that it had exactly the same dimensions as my old Rider Waite deck for sizing purposes.

So, I set out to make a firm, seamless bag, decorated simply with a cat in reversed purl stitches on the back,

and with a duplicate stitch silver cat on the front to match it. The bag, of course, is black.

To make a similar bag on which any design which fits can be added

The bag is knit in 4 ply cotton at a gauge of 8 stitches per inch on 2.5mm needles – either dpn or magic looped on a circular. For the first few rounds, a set of 5 dpns will be easier than a circular as the bag is knit in a square.

Using a provisional method, cast on 22 stitches.
Knit 13 rows stocking stitch.
Cast on 1 stitch using backward loop method (23 stitches on needle)
With second dpn pick up 9 stitches along edge of knitting
cast on 1 stitch using backward loop method (10 stitches on needle)
Unravel the provisional cast on and knit the 22 stitches you pick up, and cast on 1 stitch as before (23 stitches on needle)
with 4th dpn, pick up 9 stitches along remaining edge and cast on 1 stitch using backward loop (10 stitches on needle).

For each round, k 22, p 1, k9, p1, k 22, p 1, k9, p1.
The purl stitches form the corners of the box shaped bag.

Continue until the bag is the desired height, finishing with one of the long edges.

Cast off both short edges and one long edge – leaving 22 stitches to form the top and flap.

Top of bag – row 1, purl
row 2, purl
continue in stocking stitch for 12 rows, ending on a purl row
purl 2 rows.
continue in stocking stitch until flap is the same length as the bag.
Cast off.

Block flap, and edge with single crochet. decorate as you choose.


This is the first attempt at the bag. Although I like the duplicate stitch on the front, the stocking stitch curls. I am going to make a second attempt, with more of a hinged lid, I think, with the silver decoration on the back instead.



February 12, 2009

So, new blog.

I have a new toy.

It’s very chunky and plasticky.

You have to hold the batteries in with tape.

But look what it can do.

This was my first shot with the Holga, taken as a test of what the lens does. See the sharpness at the centre, which softens towards the edge, and the vignetting at the corners. That’s my Holga. I think I like this shot best of all those taken with the first film.

I suspect when I get my second film back, I may find I have taken some of the shots with the lens cover on. Ooops.

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